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Medical Training and Healthcare solutions

Staying up to date with new industry developments, improving knowledge and adding skills is not optional when working in the healthcare sector. The learning process doesn’t stop from graduation and the getting diplomas and certificates in the office wall.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) / Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is critical to maintain and keep the healthcare professionals updated with their skills and knowledge in an environment that is constantly changing due to new healthcare research and technology. Hence, Ultimate Medical Training & Healthcare Solutions is created to cater these needs to all healthcare professionals.

While, Ultimate Medical Training & Healthcare Solutions offer any healthcare facilities the chance to reduce cost and improve the quality of service of a healthcare facilities from not limited to planning, restructuring, managing, licensing, staffing and revenue cycle management in order to create an environment that strongly supports the primary objectives of the healthcare organization and the needs according to the UAE and any international standards that is applicable to the facility.


Ultimate Medical Training & Healthcare Solutions is passionate in creating opportunities to grow continuously by learning and experience so that they will be even more competent, valuable, be professionals to maximize their career opportunities here in Abu Dhabi and across the world.


To provide an environment for professionals especially healthcare providers to grow more, learn more and transform their career and workplace through quality education and up-to-date training standards.


We at UMED, treats every individual with respect by valuing and caring to all that our company caters.


We are a team that is motivated by our mission, vision and upholding our values in order to advance together.


We are a team that is true to our word and operate with absolute honesty.


We are a team that believes in everything we do and we also believe in “Education is wealth”.


We are a team that is driven towards excellence in achieving our goals for our clients.